Naturopathic Oncology

Cancer Treatment programs are administered by the practitioners of Immersion Health which was co-founded by Dr. Greg Nigh, ND and Maria Zilka, nutritional therapist.  The treatment approach at Immersion Health is unique, recognizing cancer as a metabolic disease. At Immersion Health we are delivering therapies that address all aspects of health and vitality, because long-term success against cancer depends on a strong immune system, low inflammation, ongoing detoxification, lifelong nutritional strategies, stress management, physical activity and much more. Immersion Health brings this all together into individualized treatment plans that optimize every individual’s potential for recovery and ongoing wellness.

Most treatment programs include, but are not limited to, the following therapies:

IV Therapy – The IV therapy program at Immersion Health uses a wide range of metabolic therapies delivered in a very specific sequence. Dichloroacetate (DCA), DMSO, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, choline, hydrogen peroxide and many other nutrients are used to “unlock” aspects of cancer cell metabolism. Once unlocked, a wide range of other therapies have a much greater potential to bring cancer cell growth under control.

Targeted Supplementation – Dr. Nigh is the only naturopathic physician in the country that is trained and currently utilizing the Kelley Enzyme Protocol for cancer treatment. The Kelley Protocol utilizes pancreatic enzymes in very high doses, along with detoxification therapies, as a strategy to control cancer cell division while stripping them of the proteins that sit on their surface. These proteins “hide” the cancer cells from the immune system. Combining the enzyme therapies with concurrent immune activating therapies is a “one-two punch” to help the patient’s immune system to gain the upper hand in finding and ridding the body of cancer cells.

In addition to the Kelley Protocol, Dr. Nigh utilizes functional lab work, including some genetic testing, in order to create a comprehensive but focused set of supplemental nutrients to support all other aspect of each plan.

Injection Therapy – The most important cancer-focused injection therapy utilized at Immersion Health is called Iscador. This is a mistletoe extract that has been extensively studied, tested and utilized in the conventional European oncology community. Iscador strongly activates the anti-cancer immune system while at the same time accomplishing several other important goals in cancer control. Carefully matching the type and dose of Iscador to each patient, Iscador injections span over several weeks and serve as ongoing support to all cancer patients. Iscador can and should be used in conjunction with most conventional therapies to protect against side effects of those therapies, another benefit of Iscador.

Nutrition Therapy – The nutrition program implemented in our cancer care program is intensive and unique. It is directed by Maria Zilka, one of the most experienced and skilled cancer-focused nutrition therapists in the country. Grounded in the most recent scientific understanding of cancer cell metabolism, the calorie-restricted ketogenic diet combines carefully guided calorie restriction with a nutrition program that turns food into a powerful anti-cancer therapy. Used in conjunction with the full set of other metabolic therapies, the diet is a foundation upon which the other therapies build and gain strength.

Functional Lab Testing – Dr. Nigh uses lab testing not just to assess the state of any patient’s disease, but more importantly labs are used to gain a very broad understanding of the patient’s overall health. In order to put together an individualized treatment plan it is critical to know which systems of the body are out of balance and what factors have been contributing to the susceptibility to cancer in the first place. Dr. Nigh might test for heavy metals, vitamin, mineral, and amino acid levels, systemic inflammation, digestive function and others. This information might be combined with assessment of specific genes associated with detoxification, methylation, antioxidant production or other relevant factors. Taken together this information allows Dr. Nigh to design a program that is specifically tailored to each patient’s particular set of circumstances and imbalances.


Our Naturopathic Oncology Team

Immersion Health

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Dr. Greg Nigh

Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist

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Maria Zilka, NTP



Survival Beyond Cancer

Other than a cancer diagnosis, the most confusing words to hear are when your doctor says

“You’re cancer free – come back in a year!”

The months that follow a cancer diagnosis are possibly the most trying and stressful period in an individual’s life. There are decisions to be made, doctor’s protocols to be followed and every morning you wake up with a purpose to do something  – anything that will help you beat the cancer & survive. You have a team of doctors and professionals, family and friends that rally with you and help you get through that day, day after day, till when you are declared “cancer free”. Many feel that for all they have been through with the treatment, it is time to kick up their heels and celebrate. They fall back into the same old habits and lifestyle that they lived by before the diagnosis. Life takes over for everyone – the doctor’s attention moves on to the next patient, the family and friends get back to focus on their own personal life and suddenly you find yourself alone and scared. Your mornings are empty without a purpose and you fear recurrence of the wretched cancer. This, to me, is the time when you need maximum support to keep you on a path of complete healing and whole body wellness. Your survival depends on you now.

Join us at Immersion Health in a series of cancer survivorship talks and learn how to support your body to recover and regain your health.

The Three Part Series:

Step one: Take Control of your health!

Food is the best medicine and can be the poison that drives your illness. Make every bite count. In the first of the series we will focus on Nutritional Therapy. Learn to use food to nourish you, to help you regain strength and energy, and rebuild your body from inside out.

  • Foods that heal & strategies to help with Neuropathy

  • Discuss the benefits of Low Sulfur diet & foods that help with brain fog

  • Discuss Elimination Diet & identify your food sensitivities and allergies

Step Two: Where did your chemo go?

Many of you may have been told you are “good to go”. What does that mean in terms of your healing — are you truly all done? Is your body healthy and strong to live a cancer-free life?   Ever wondered where did all that chemo go? Did it disappear with your tumors? Learn what you need to focus on to complete your healing process.

  • Understanding the importance of Detoxification and preparing your body for it.

  • What therapies to adopt for a cleanse, detoxification

  • Essential Oils & Organic Skincare

Step Three: Minding your mind and tending to your body!

Cancer takes a toll on not just your body but also your mind. It is stressful not just for the person with diagnosis but all family and caregivers around them. Make exercise and movement an part of your lifestyle as you go forward.

  • Nutritional therapy to support adrenal stress

  • Yoga & Qigong

  • Guided Meditation & Sound Therapy

  • Sleep and mental health – Essential Oils that help