Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a parking lot?

Yes! We have a small parking lot located directly behind our building. All of our spots are labeled "Madison Building Parking". We share a parking lot with the Jolly Roger Bar on 12th, their spots are marked, please avoid parking there as your car may be towed.
It is very rare that our parking lot is full, but every once in a while you may have to find street parking.

What do I need to bring to my new patient appointment?

For insurance patients, we require that you bring in a copy of your up-to-date insurance card.

Additionally, please make sure your paperwork is filled out! If you do not know how to access your patient portal or paperwork please contact the front desk.

For those seeking treatment for a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or worker’s compensation, please bring the following information:

  • Name of your insurance plan, phone number, and address

  • Claim representative’s name and phone number

  • Claim number

  • Your attorney’s name and phone number (if applicable)

Free Consult vs. New Patient Appointment

Most of the practitioners at PNH offer some sort of free consult. This is offered because when looking for a new practitioner, we want to make sure the right match is made. The free consult allows a small meet-and-greet with you and your practitioner via phone or in person. This way your practitioner can answer a few specific questions about how their treatments could potentially benefit both parties.

Do you sell supplements?

Each practitioner at Portland Natural Health manages their own medicinary out of their office. Patients must call 24 hours prior to their desired pickup time. 
As a clinic we carry: supplements, eastern and western herbs, homeopathic & herbal tinctures, detoxification & nutrition resources, and neutraceuticals. 
It is important to note that the front desk is not qualified to give medical advice. Please keep questions regarding dosage, and other specifics for your practitioner. 
Please call the front desk at 503-445-7767 with any inquiries.

Do you have an ADA ramp?

Yes, we do. Unfortunately we do not have an ADA ramp going up stairs though. If you have trouble walking up stairs just let the front desk know, and they will gladly help you through the side door with significantly less steps that the front of our building.