Near-Infrared Sauna

Infrared light has a wavelength that is longer than visible light. However, even though we cannot see it with our eyes, it has enormously beneficial effects on our cells, organs and overall health. This is a good thing, because we are constantly bathed in infrared energy, which radiates from floors, walls, trees – anything that contains any heat at all. In fact, there is a greater amount of infrared light energy coming to us from the sun than there is visible light energy.



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The infrared spectrum spans from near infrared (NIR), which is closer to the visible light range, to far infrared (FIR), which is closer to the microwave range. Each type of infrared has beneficial properties for the body, but it is the NIR that has a unique role in health and healing.


NIR light therapy has been documented to substantially benefit a wide range of conditions. These include joint/tendon injuries, acute and chronic pain, depression and anxiety, fatigue (including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), fibromyalgia and many others. Unlike FIR light, which penetrates only a few centimeters below the skin surface, NIR light can penetrate up to 6 inches into the body. In that way it can access deep organs and tissue, enhancing circulation, detoxification and energy production.


Portland Natural Health is now making NIR light therapy available to both patients and the public. We have installed a beautiful NIR sauna in a separate room for privacy and comfort. Our sauna utilizes 4 250W NIR bulbs, for maximum depth of penetration into the body. Within just a few minutes in front of these lights a feeling of deep heating and relaxation can be felt.


Pricing for sauna sessions is as follows:


Single 20-30 minute session $20
Single 40 minute session $30
Single 60 minute session $35
Package of 10 20-30 minute sessions $180 Savings of $20
Package of 10 40-minute sessions $275 Savings of $25
Package of 10 60-minute sessions $320 Savings of $30


The savings is really in the packages, which is how we encourage people to utilize the sauna. Whether it is for support during a detoxification program, injury recovery, or ongoing metabolic support for greater energy or pain reduction, sauna sessions done in series – as often as daily – are the optimal way to obtain the benefits of the therapy.


New Patients please download and complete our intake paperwork for the Sauna:

This can either be filled out electronically and submitted as an attachment to, or it can be printed and submitted in person.


Those interested can speak with their PNH health care provider about it, or simply call the clinic at 503-445-7767 to learn more about scheduling.