Low Dose Allergen Therapy

LDA therapy has been in use since the 1960s, and has helped thousands of patients achieve profound relief from allergies, both seasonal and otherwise. However, LDA is used to treat much more than seasonal allergies. It has brought about significant relief in symptoms of a wide range of conditions including multiple chemical sensitivities, mold reactivity, hives, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS and Crohn’s, and even ADHD and autism.


LDA is a therapy that utilizes extremely small amounts of common allergens – along with an activating enzyme called beta-glucuronidase – to desensitize the immune system. It involves an injection of a small amount of fluid under the skin of the forearm. Typically there is a slight amount of inflammation and redness that appears at the injection site, which resolves in a short time.


Initially injections are administered every 2 months. This schedule usually lasts for 1 year (total of 6 injections), at which point the injection schedule slows. The most common course of therapy involves a total of 16-18 injections, at which point the injections can stop and there is no return of allergic symptoms. In those who find that they need ongoing treatments, it is typically slowed to a schedule of perhaps 2 yearly injections.


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