Healthy Home

The practitioners of Portland Natural Health recognize that it isn’t possible to achieve optimal wellness when living in a toxic environment. That’s why we provide our patients with both the tools and the education they need to take care of their “home health” while they take care of their own health as well.

PNH is now offering real-time monitoring of living space pollutants through partnership with HomeLab. Once subscribed to the HomeLab monitoring service, a wireless monitor is shipped to your residence. After a brief calibration process, the monitor collects data regarding the air quality in your living space, 24 hours a day, for a year. Three important factors are tracked:

1) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – These are commonly released when carpets, furniture, and other household items “offgas.” These are also often produced by gas stoves, household chemicals and even candles. They can lead to allergies, asthma and other respiratory illness, among other chronic conditions.

2) Particulate matter – Small particulates floating in the air – especially those under 2.5 microns – can penetrate deep into the lungs even with normal respiration. Once in the lungs, these particulates  can trigger inflammation, which can lead to infections, scarring of the lungs, and reduce capacity to exchange oxygen.

3) Humidity – If the air is either too dry or too moist, mold has a much greater likelihood of growing. With Portland’s dry summers and endlessly wet winters, the conditions are nearly ideal for mold growth. Symptoms of mold exposure can range from chronic sinus issues and allergies, to much more serious conditions such as neurological degeneration, cognitive decline, skin conditions unresponsive to other therapies, extreme fatigue, and much else.

HomeLab offers a smart phone app so that you can monitor fluctuations of these 3 factors in real time. Periodically data is compiled, sent to HomeLab for analysis, and Dr. Nigh goes through those results with you. You will not only learn how to remediate the issues that have been detected, but you will also get a treatment plan to prevent these issues from having a negative impact on your health.

To learn more about getting the HomeLab monitor for your home or apartment, call us a 503-445-7767.

Portland Natural Health is also the sponsor behind our new campaign, and we are excited to tell everyone!

Love Your Dandelions was started as an outlet for raising awareness about the very significant potential health risks posed by exposure to the herbicide Roundup and its active ingredient, glyphosate. Portland Natural Health will continue to be a voice in both the local and the global community to bring these health, starting with a yard sign (image below) we encourage everyone to put in their yard. Proceeds from the sale go to help fund our community talks, web page development and other expenses related to the Love Your Dandelions campaign.

Dr. Nigh has been studying the impact of glyphosate on health for several years. He wrote a summary article on the topic that you can read here. Once you’ve become fully educated about the health hazards of exposure to glyphosate, we believe you will be yet another voice in our community helping us to spread this important message.