Genetic Analysis

Patients of Portland Natural Health have access to some of the most advanced genetic analysis available to anyone. Dr. Greg Nigh has spent years studying the impact of small genetic changes – called polymorphisms – on health. It is exceedingly rare for a polymorphism to cause any particular disease; however, by assessing dozens of polymorphisms in combination, it is possible to see genetic tendencies that will likely have a meaningful impact on an individual’s health.

Those interested in a genetic analysis must first complete the genetic testing through Once that testing is complete (about 6-8 weeks), we will provide patients with instructions on how to obtain the data file needed for the analysis.

Dr. Nigh offers two levels of genetic assessment:

Standard – This is a 45-minute session during which Dr. Nigh reviews a report itemizing several hundred polymorphisms related to a wide range of processes in the body. These include polymorphisms involved with methylation, sulfur metabolism, detoxification, hormone breakdown, neurotransmitter production and binding, vitamin absorption and much else. Patients receive a set of recommendations regarding diet, supplements and lifestyle based upon the genetic issues identified.

Comprehensive – This entails a “deep dive” into the patients’ genetics, and it spans through two 45-minute sessions with Dr. Nigh. The first session is the Standard assessment described above. The second session utilizes the Opus23 database. This is the most comprehensive clinically focused database of polymorphisms and their relationship to health and disease that exists. In addition to his personal research on polymorphisms, Dr. Nigh has been trained and certified as an Opus23 practitioner. You can read more about that database, and the type of analysis it offers, in this article by Dr. Nigh.

To find out about scheduling a genetic analysis, call us at 503-445-7767.