Yarrow Free, LMT

Yarrow began Resilient Wellness with the intention of facilitating personal empowerment and alignment through alleviating Pain & Discomfort in the body.

He fortifies this work with the belief that Embodiment and Wellness practices allow for true lasting change to be seen in one’s Life Experience. Utilizing Bodywork & Massage techniques, as well as other Healing Art practices, Yarrow aims to support you with reconnecting to the Resilience inherit to your body, mind and spirit through deep integration and nurturing touch.

Through alleviating stressors that tax the Nervous System, the body has an opportunity to return to Stillness and Homeostasis (Self-Healing). Yarrow utilizes a variety of Western & Eastern modalities that support this endeavor; creating Freedom of Movement, Reduction in pain, deeper Breathing, access to inner Resources, and General Relaxation.


~Gift yourself a moment of Rest ~