Sarah Grumbling, LMT

Sarah Grumbling

Sarah Grumbling, Craniosacral Therapist.

Licensed Massage Therapist #19491

Sarah’s holistic light touch bodywork practice is rooted in the principles and philosophy of Craniosacral Therapy: each individual holds within his or her body the knowledge and wisdom for deep healing and transformation. By listening and following cues from the tissue, Sarah acts as a facilitator to the unwinding and release of patterns held in the body as the result of physical and emotional trauma, chronic pain or unresolved injury.  Addressing all areas and systems of the body, many of Sarah’s clients have found profound relief from migraines, auto accident injuries, chronic neck and TMJ issues, PTSD, and imbalance/dysfunction of the hips, pelvis, reproductive and abdominal organs.  Additionally, Sarah offers craniosacral therapy for newborns and infants.  Gentle and effective, infant craniosacral therapy has helped many babies who struggle with breastfeeding, tongue tie, torticollis, plagiocephaly/brachiocelphaly, colic and sleep patterns. She also offers abdominal massage sessions that draw from her studies in craniosacral therapy for immune response (70% of the immune system in housed in the abdomen), visceral manipulation, and chi nei tsang (Chinese abdominal massage)


Sarah’s work honors the innate wisdom of the body:

“My practice is based in the idea that we are all beautiful, complex, healing-oriented, layered beings. Inherently, the body knows the best way to heal, but sometimes we get stuck in certain patterns and the body forgets how to unwind.  My job as the practitioner is to listen for and facilitate the healing that is already within. 

In the human body we find the physical layers: skin, lymph, fascia, muscle, bone, nerves, brain and spinal cord, organs, blood vessels, and specialized cells such as those of the immune system.  We also find layers of memory and emotion held in the tissue as well as subtle energy, vibrations and rhythms (breath, heartbeat, or craniosacral rhythm).  Our intricate fascial network often reveals connections throughout the body from large broad structures (such as layers of fascia enveloping organs and the abdominal cavity) down to the minute structure of cell walls (also comprised of fascia).  When we work through these layers, all are taken into account — sometimes an emotion of an experience creates more restriction that the physical holding of the tissue — and sometimes it is the other way around.  In craniosacral therapy, ALL the layers are considered in the healing process.

In each session, I work with my client as the body guides my attention and intention in facilitating the release of restriction through these layers.  Deep unwinding and healing occurs when the system is given space to unfold at a pace guided by the body.”

A graduate of East West College, Sarah has been in practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2012.  During her massage therapy training, she also began taking craniosacral therapy courses with the Upledger Institute, and has been passionately studying and practicing this work ever since.  In Fall of 2016, she began studying with local Craniosacral Therapist and infant specialist, Carol Gray, to expand her practice to infant CST.  Recently Sarah completed over 200 hours of continuing education in selected CST courses that focus on emotional release and trauma recovery, immune system function and the abdomen, and infant craniosacral therapy.

Sarah has been a yoga practitioner since 2000, and completed her 200hr yoga teacher training in 2009.  This background in movement, study, body awareness and energetic presence deeply influences her work.  Since 2009, her yoga practice expanded to include a form of devotional call and response chanting called kirtan.  Sarah leads kirtan throughout the year to create a space for people to come together, connect to their voice and share this connection in community.  

Originally from Dallas, TX, Sarah earned her B.F.A. degree in visual art at Loyola University New Orleans and in 2005 made her way to the beautiful Pacific Northwest — Portland has been home ever since.  When not practicing or studying Craniosacral Therapy, Sarah loves to soak up the natural beauty of Oregon while backpacking, exploring rivers or meandering through Laurelhurst Park or Mt. Tabor.  She is also an avid aerialist and practices on the silks with her fellow circus minded folk.  Music is a part of life and in addition to leading kirtan, Sarah also plays with the Taking Care Sound Tribe — a group of musicians who offer sound therapy to support Portland’s local community of cancer survivorship via non-profit Taking Care Cancer. (  Sarah has been a practitioner with Portland Natural Health since January 2015 and is grateful for the support of working in an interdisciplinary holistic clinic alongside the community of talented practitioners.  You can learn more about Sarah and her practice on her website:

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