Mona Bhalla, ND

Dr. Bhalla strives to understand how ones whole being contributes to their overall wellness. She learned this firsthand when becoming quite ill as a young woman, eventually being called to cure herself. This experience enlightened her understanding of the interactive relationship between the body and the mind in determining wellness. As a naturopathic physician, this conviction guides her treatment of patients. She invites them to be an active participant in finding the root causes of their ailments, striving to empower her patients with the knowledge to take control of their own well being.

Dr. Bhalla welcomes patients with a full range of medical concerns, running the gamut from allergies and digestive disturbances to diabetes and heart disease, honoring the healing power of the individual while often utilizing natural remedies and non-invasive treatments. Dr. Bhalla welcomes patients who have never tried naturopathy before, eager to work together with those who have been unable to find the help they need. She has also used her love of cooking and nutritional expertise to create a cleanse program that incorporates healthful dietary changes with delicious foods and offers periodic workshops on the role of hormones and homeopathy in managing wellbeing.

My Specialties

  • Primary care for the entire family
  • Women’s health
  • Homeopathy
  • Herbal and Nutritional medicine


Digestive disorders; fatigue; gynecological issues; menopause support; allergies; mood disorders; sleep problems; pediatrics; hormone imbalance including thyroid and adrenal support; patient empowerment


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