Practitioner Spotlight July 2017: Chelsey Craft, LMT.

How long have you been doing bodywork and how did you become interested in it?

“In 2003, I was involved in a car jacking and was shot with a .38. The bullet shattered half an inch of my femur and I had one surgery a year for the next four years to repair the damage. This sparked my curiosity about how amazing our bodies are and how they have the capacity to heal, even under very traumatic situations. One year from the date I was shot, I found myself enrolled in massage therapy school. Three years into being a massage therapist, I was finding that I would see the same clients, week after week, with the same general issues. I know that massage is a great healing tool, but figured there was something out there that would help produce lasting changes.

I found this with Structural Integration and in 2007 I became a Structural Integration Practitioner.”


Where did you get your training?

“I received my massage training at the Academy for Professional Careers in Boise, Idaho. I attended the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado and Kauai, Hawaii.”


What type of patient/condition do you like to work with?

“I enjoy working with people that have chronic pains. As someone who has experienced a tremendous amount of pain in my own body, I receive great joy from walking people through their path of pain to the other side and finding comfort in their body. It’s such a wonderful gift to be able to give to someone.”


Can you tell me a short story of an experience in your work that left you feeling inspired?

“I was taking someone through the Structural Integration series and we were in the 5th session (out of ten). This person had been in a horrible ski accident several years prior and had broken their pelvis in six places, SIX! They were told that they would never walk again and through yoga and some intense physical therapy, was able to prove their doctors were wrong. During this particular session, we were working in the pelvis and abdomen regions and this person experienced so much emotional healing through the work we were doing. It was so reaffirming that our bodies, our tissues, hold onto emotional experiences just as much as our minds do. To be able to heal emotions through a physical touch, is just an amazing thing to be able to witness. This has been one of my favorite “breakthrough” stories with a client to date. I can’t wait to share great experiences like this with you!”


Tell me about something you LOVE!

“I love my daughter, with my whole being. She bring so much joy and playfulness into my life. We love exploring together, the ocean and the forest being our favorite destinations. I love to travel and explore cultures that are new to me. I once spent two weeks in Costa Rica and had such a fun time! From visiting the volcanos, to a self-sustaining ‘dude ranch’ in the middle of the jungle (check out Rancho Margot, seriously!), to being over-charged at the panaderia on an almost daily basis- only found this out after my Spanish-speaking friend joined me one morning, such wonderful memories.”


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