Cancer Survivor Support



It may be that the most confusing words to hear other than a cancer diagnosis is when your doctor says “You’re cancer free – come back in a year!”


The months that follow a cancer diagnosis are possibly the most trying and stressful period in an individual’s life. There are decisions to be made, doctor’s protocols to be followed and every morning you wake up with a purpose to do something  – anything that will help you beat the cancer & survive. You have a team of doctors and professionals, family and friends that rally with you and help you get through that day, day after day, till when you are declared “cancer free”. Many feel that for all they have been through with the treatment, it is time to kick up their heels and celebrate. They fall back into the same old habits and lifestyle that they lived by before the diagnosis. Life takes over for everyone – the doctor’s attention moves on to the next patient, the family and friends get back to focus on their own personal life and suddenly you find yourself alone and scared. Your mornings are empty without a purpose and you fear recurrence of the wretched cancer. This, to me, is the time when you need maximum support to keep you on a path of complete healing and whole body wellness. Your survival depends on you now.


Join us at Immersion Health in a series of cancer survivorship talks and learn how to support your body to recover and regain your health.


The Three Part Series:



Food is the best medicine and can be the poison that drives your illness. Make every bite count. In the first of the series we will focus on Nutritional Therapy. Learn to use food to nourish you, to help you regain strength and energy, and rebuild your body from inside out.

  • Foods that heal & strategies to help with Neuropathy
  • Discuss the benefits of Low Sulfur diet & foods that help with brain fog
  • Discuss Elimination Diet & identify your food sensitivities and allergies




Many of you may have been told you are “good to go”. What does that mean in terms of your healing — are you truly all done? Is your body healthy and strong to live a cancer-free life?   Ever wondered where did all that chemo go? Did it disappear with your tumors? Learn what you need to focus on to complete your healing process.

  • Understanding the importance of Detoxification and preparing your body for it.
  • What therapies to adopt for a cleanse, detoxification
  • Essential Oils & Organic Skincare




Cancer takes a toll on not just your body but also your mind. It is stressful not just for the person with diagnosis but all family and caregivers around them. Make exercise and movement an part of your lifestyle as you go forward.

  • Nutritional therapy to support adrenal stress
  • Yoga & Qigong
  • Guided Meditation & Sound Therapy
  • Sleep and mental health – Essential Oils that help



For more information about this series and other support offerings, please give the reception desk a call at 503-445-7767.

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