Power Plan With Chelsey Craft, LMT.

The things that are keeping you up at night, the things you want most in life are seemingly hard to reach. That doesn’t have to be true for you anymore. Whether it’s more money, motivation, deeper connections, clarity or just more encouragement to really ‘go for it’ in your life, this program has what you need.

With the Power Plan, you will learn magical skills (practical use of the Law of Attraction for manifestation) to create all the things you truly want. You will gain the clarity to know what it is specifically that you desire, as well as the power to draw those things into your reality.

A LIVE Group Coaching Program where you’ll learn:

-The Steps to Consciously and Effortlessly Draw Things to You

-Ways to Stop Self-Sabotage and Overcome Your Money Monsters

-To Feel Confident to Handle Any Situation Life Hands You

-How to Release the Baggage That’s Been Weighing You Down



Through 13 weekly In-Person Sessions, access to a private Facebook Group (exclusive for Power Plan Members), group hypnotherapy sessions [as applicable] and weekly tips from your POWER Plan Facilitator, you’ll find the Power Plan taking you from stuck and struggling to Powerful and Energized.

August 16 – November 9

From 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

At Portland Natural Health’s Lower Level Community Room

Summer Lecture Series Part Two


Dr. Nigh will be sharing the latest information from his ongoing research into a number of topics. He talks in tangents, so you will learn far more than these titles suggest. You’ll leave these talks with insights, treatment strategies, and home therapies, plus tips, tools and techniques you can put to use in your daily life. Bring a friend and you will both get a coupon for 10% off your next visit with Dr. Nigh.






August 8: It’s All In Your Head: Practical Tools for Stress Reduction


September 5: Story Time: Five Parables to Change Your Thinking


October 10: You (Should Be) Full Of It: Building and Maintaining 


Structured Water in Your Body for Optimal Wellness


Light snacks will be provided. Seating is limited. First come, first serve.

Call 503-445-7767  to reserve your seat(s).

About My Upcoming Talk Series

Over the years I have spoken countless times to audiences large and small, local and international. Usually these talks are on topics chosen to have the most relevance to the largest number of people: How to manage thyroid issues… Treating anxiety and depression with natural therapies… Overcoming chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia… Occasionally they are on specialized topics, which are mostly relevant to a very specific audience of physicians or other scientists.

In the talk series I have coming up at PNH, I’ve done something different in my choice of topics. With each of these talks, I’m going to explore a topic that I have a personal connection to. These are topics that I think of as sitting “in the background” of our day-to-day health, each one doing its part to set the stage upon which our specific health challenges play out.

The first talk is about the health risks of exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and other herbicides. I have studied the devastating impact of this chemical on health for several years. Maria and I feel so passionately about this topic that we founded as a way to educate the public about these issues. I collaborated with a researcher at MIT on an article that will be published in the next issue of Neurology and Neurobiology Journal about the role of glyphosate in causing a tragic birth defect called anencephaly. It is a condition in which the fetal brain fails to develop.

In another article coming out in the Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry I am an author on an article exploring the role of glyphosate in causing gout and several related diseases. These are just a few of the many probable risks of even ambient exposure to this chemical. Other diseases linked to glyphosate include diabetes, MS, ALS, autism, digestive disorders and many others.

The second talk is about stress. I think most approaches to stress management are, well, wrong. There is no question that stress is taking an enormous toll on our personal and social health. But managing stress isn’t about creating islands of calm in our otherwise stressful lives. It is about discovering that our lives really aren’t stressful at all.

The third talk touches on a favorite subject of mine: stories. Since a very early age I have been fascinated by the role of allegories and stories as tools of psychological transformation. I’m going to share a few that I have found to be the most profound, in spite of (or perhaps because of) their apparent simplicity.

Finally, I’m going to talk to you about water. This year I will speak for the second time at the largest international conference on water, the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water held annually in Bulgaria. I want to distill the science behind structured water down to a few important principles for my talk here at PNH. I think that it is not just water that is vital to health, but our ability to generate structured water that maintains the integrity of our bodies. I’m going to describe what structured water is, how you can build it up in your body, and how it might just transform your health.

I hope you can join me for these conversations. I would be delighted to meet others with an interest in these topics, to trade questions and answers, and for us all to walk away with new ideas and new questions to explore. That, after all, is what keeps us young.

Aroma Touch Training: Sunday July 16th, 2017.

Join Lotus Hartley for this beautiful blend of touch and plant wisdom.

The dōTERRA ArōmaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. Developed by Dr. David Hill, a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic applications of essential oils, the ArōmaTouch Technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function. The technique is simple and intuitive and uses dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils for an unparalleled grounding experience.

A technique anyone can learn and share!

Register here to participate:
RSVP here and PayPal

$149.00 training fee includes:
~Official certification from doTERRA in competency of the AromaTouch Technique
~6 hours of instruction both classroom and hands on instruction. You will watch, give and receive a full treatment.
~Complete AromaTouch Oil Kit ($133.00 value)
~Official AromaTouch student workbook

What to bring to class:
~Notebook & Pen
~Large bottle of water, snacks, sack lunch
~Wear a button down shirt ( or something that can be easily turned around, like a hoodie, so oils may be applied to the back) Casual and comfortable attire, including your footwear.
~a set of twin sheets, pillow and a pillow case
~Massage Table (if you have one, I have a few on hand)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me before the class date. I am happy to answer your questions and be in service to you. Lotus Hartley 503-544-2897

Lotus Hartley is a Practitioner and Teacher with over 13 years experience as a Massage therapist and Yoga Instructor. And over 4 years working with doTERRA and their amazing essential oils. She is here to help you practice your own deeper awareness of what is possible with touch, connection, presence, and essential oil application!



Space is Limited, so get your tickets today!


Eventbrite Link

Facebook Link

Survival Beyond Cancer

Join Minal Rajan, and Immersion Health’s Maria Zilka and Dr. Greg Nigh in a three month series designed to assist ‘cancer free’ patients in taking the next steps  with their health and wellbeing.  We’ll have snacks, good conversation, informative lectures, and the opportunity to create intimate connections.


1) Understanding food as medicine and strategies to regain optimal function after treatment. 

—- On Wednesday June 7th & June 21st6-7pm  

2) Find out how chemo drugs stay in your tissues and how to support your detoxification process.

—- On Monday July 17th and July 31st6-7pm

3) Mindfulness and Movement to manage both mental and physical stress and fatigue.

—- On Monday August 14th and August 28th6-7pm

The Sequence Will Donation Based.

There will be food demos at each session with recipe handouts 

Immersion Health @ Portland Natural Health

1221 SE Madison St 

Portland OR 97214 

Tel: 503-445 7767


Please call our front desk to reserve your spot as seats are limited. 

Glyphosate Lectures In June!

Dr. Greg Nigh of Immersion Health is offering three free lectures on the effects of glyphosate this coming month.

All three lectures will be made available on Facebook Live.

Tune in on June 5th, June 12th, and June 17th to learn about the effects of glyphosate and other environmental toxins on our biology and our biome.

Check out Immersion Health’s Facebook page here.

Bring your knowledge, curiosity, and questions to any of the live streams.

Visit up-to-date articles and information about the the impacts of glyphosate and other environmental toxins going forward.




Survival Beyond Cancer: A Three Part Series

It may be that the most confusing words to hear other than a cancer diagnosis is when your doctor says “You’re cancer free – come back in a year!”

The months that follow a cancer diagnosis are possibly the most trying and stressful period in an individual’s life. There are decisions to be made, doctor’s protocols to be followed and every morning you wake up with a purpose to do something  – anything that will help you beat the cancer & survive. You have a team of doctors and professionals, family and friends that rally with you and help you get through that day, day after day, till when you are declared “cancer free”.

Many feel that for all they have been through with the treatment, it is time to kick up their heels and celebrate. They fall back into the same old habits and lifestyle that they lived by before the diagnosis. Life takes over for everyone – the doctor’s attention moves on to the next patient, the family and friends get back to focus on their own personal life and suddenly you find yourself alone and scared. Your mornings are empty without a purpose and you fear recurrence of the wretched cancer. This, to me, is the time when you need maximum support to keep you on a path of complete healing and whole body wellness. Your survival depends on you now.

Join us at Immersion Health in a series of cancer survivorship talks and learn how to support your body to recover and regain your health.




Food is the best medicine and can be the poison that drives your illness. Make every bite count. In the first of the series we will focus on Nutritional Therapy. Learn to use food to nourish you, to help you regain strength and energy, and rebuild your body from inside out.

  • Foods that heal & strategies to help with Neuropathy
  • Discuss the benefits of Low Sulfur diet & foods that help with brain fog
  • Discuss Elimination Diet & identify your food sensitivities and allergies


SO WHERE DID YOUR CHEMO GO?           07/17 & 07/31

Many of you may have been told you are “good to go”. What does that mean in terms of your healing — are you truly all done? Is your body healthy and strong to live a cancer-free life?   Ever wondered where did all that chemo go? Did it disappear with your tumors? Learn what you need to focus on to complete your healing process.

  • Understanding the importance of Detoxification and preparing your body for it.
  • What therapies to adopt for a cleanse, detoxification
  • Essential Oils & Organic Skincare



Cancer takes a toll on not just your body but also your mind. It is stressful not just for the person with diagnosis but all family and caregivers around them.

  • Make exercise and movement an part of your lifestyle as you go forward.
  • Nutritional therapy to support adrenal stress
  • Yoga & Qigong
  • Guided Meditation & Sound Therapy
  • Sleep and mental health – Essential Oils that help

Essential Oils Are Simple, Safe, and Powerful

Come learn the basics on how to integrate them into your wellness routine, to help uplift your life in so many beautiful ways.  One drop can service every cell in your body! Aroma effects your mood in an instant.

There will be an option to receive a hand massage from one of Portland Natural Health’s favorite Massage Therapists!

Join Lotus Hartley and Dana Crawford as they cover the basics of how to integrate essential oils into your lifestyle, be it for small support with daily stressors, or to support bigger shifts in life.

Lotus and Dana are both past Licensed Massage Therapist, now full time Mama’s that love sharing these empowering tools with those open to learn and up-level their health and wellness.

Bring a friend and the two of you receive an extra gift. ♥

Please follow this link to register for the FREE class: